The Attraction of Colleagues

Do you value team members?

Working life, as we knew it, has changed for many years to come.  Soon, we will be encouraged to return to the workplace or given the option of working from home.  Most individuals enjoy interacting with colleagues and having resources nearby, there is a strong possibility we took this for granted. The working environment dynamics have changed forever as we find ourselves in this new normal.

Every relationship has been put to the test; personal relationships with our spouses, working relationships with colleagues, family committments that have stretched our resources and of course every business owner has had to change direction – fast. As we move into April 2021, if we reflect on our professional journey, we will more than likely find that as individuals, we have grown and evolved.

Abbey Mill Business Centre is home to over 170 companies who operate from our 5 buildings.  We had to look at our buildings with fresh eyes and consider the safety of tenants and their visitors.  There have been so many dynamics to consider from door handles to toilet facilities on each floor, then corridors and security.

Here are some things to consider when returning to work:

  1. How will colleagues interact with each other?
  2. Does your office / studio have enough space for social distancing?
  3. Do you need to think about working hours and going onto a rota?
  4. Should you consider a new working week where you utilise the 7 days available?
  5. Do you have enough ventilation in the office / studio?
  6. What training is required re new services / products that you now offer?
  7. Are your team in the best suited role for their skill-set?

Many reports have shown that during the pandemic, office workers have missed the daily interaction with colleagues.  Technology offers us many ways of talking i.e. Zoom, Skype, MSN, Email and of course the good old fashioned phone.  But none of these beat a socially distant conversation where you read their body language and listen to the person’s tone of voice.

If you need to move your office location, please give us a call.  We pride ourselves on consulting with new tenants and offer a bespoke service for larger areas i.e. over 1,000 square foot.

Our buildings are: Mile End Mill, Sir James Clark Building, Old Embroidery Mill and Anchor One.  We also have a building in Springburn, Glasgow – Flemington House.

Our facilities on-site include: cafe, gym, nursery and car parking.  We are very close to the motorway and 10 minutes walk to Paisley Gilmour Street Train Station.

If you would like to enquire about the cost of our studios, please contact Louise Wightman on 0141 889 8000 who will give you the costs to compare against your current location.

abbey mill business centre

A landmark office complex, there are four historic buildings, each with unique character that you can lease.  We are located within Paisley Town Centre and Glasgow International Airport is only a 5 minute drive away.  Our buildings are prominently situated on the banks of White Cart Water in an elevated position and benefit from excellent views.

Each building provides a good working environment;  Atriums, reception areas and meeting rooms ensure a professional impression is given to your visitors.  We also have a Café, Fitness Centre and Private Nursery on-site.

Whether you are looking for a small office, or a large office space, we are confident you will be impressed if you visit Abbey Mill Business Centre.

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