Hybrid Working

hybrid working?

The past 15 months have shown us all that we can be resilient.  It has highlighted personal and business issues that we have not had to deal with previously.  The question now is how we move forward personally and professionally?  It is now strange to think of going to a concert or large gathering. Life has undoubtedly changed.

Some individuals have enjoyed working from home, even after the novelty has worn off.  However, most individuals need the structure of leaving home, travelling to work and working alongside colleagues.  Working from home and office is now called hybrid working, based on information provided by Savills.

Savills completed a Landlord survey during the initial lockdown in 2020:

47% of respondents believe the office will ‘always’ be important for a corporate, and 42% believe the office will remain a necessity in the short term. However, this ‘middle’ 42% are effectively ‘floating voters’, and this may have consequences longer term for office markets generally, particularly in terms of the likely need for more flexible workspace options.

The importance of office space

Working from home (WFH) has its place and definitely has benefits, however, the office will always be needed.  The results in the Savills survey show that most have a strong preference towards being office based.  Recruitment in the future will most definitely, be hybrid focused.  Companies that are SME’s through to Global rely on building a company culture, they prefer to mould individuals so that communication and messages can appear as one voice for the business.  If you have teams of individuals working around the world, who have never met, and have different backgrounds, you could (without realising) build a dysfunctional culture.  Nothing beats face to face contact, this is part of the reason the Office will always be required.

Abbey Mill Business Centre

We are fortunate that our historic buildings offer a variety of options for a prospective tenant.  If a company is looking for a small office, Old Embroidery Mill is the best Mill to show them around.  If the company is looking for a large open plan space, we find Sir James Clark Building is a good option.  It has wide corridors, large curtain wall windows and has a light industrial feel to it.  Mile End Mill is our main building and is magnificent, it has 6 floors, maple floor corridors and facilities include a Cafe, Gym, Nursery and home to Paisley Thread Mill Museum.  In 2020 we released a  new phase of studios over at Anchor One, we have a few available so early viewing is advisable.

We have created 2 separate areas for tenants to relax and get out of the office for a period of time.  Both areas vary in style; The Hub looks like a New York style apartment and The Cube is bold with vivid colours.

When a company approaches us we match their needs with our buildings and available studios.  We talk about their studio progression and ensure we give the companies options.

If you are looking to move office and would like to enquire about retail or office space, please make contact with us.

Additional reading

The BBC are reporting that the 5-day week in the office will be normal again within two years time.  See the link here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57339105

abbey mill business centre

A landmark office complex, there are four historic buildings, each with unique character that you can lease.  We are located within Paisley Town Centre and Glasgow International Airport is only a 5 minute drive away.  Our buildings are prominently situated on the banks of White Cart Water in an elevated position and benefit from excellent views.

Each building provides a good working environment and meeting rooms ensure a professional impression is given to your visitors.  We also have a Café, Fitness Centres and Private Nursery on-site.

Whether you are looking for a small office, or a large office space, we are confident you will be impressed if you visit Abbey Mill Business Centre.

Visit our website to view our beautiful buildings abbeymill.co.uk

Contact Telephone Number +44 (0)141 889 8000 or email marketing@abbeymill.co.uk 

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