Challenging Times

Our buildings are open as tenants are either offices of the NHS or companies who supply to the NHS.

This is a very difficult time for everyone, we have never known these restrictions.  If you are a tenant and have emailed us, please be patient.  Refer to the Government website for guidance on what assistance they are offering small businesses and self-employed individuals.

  • There are no plans to lockdown the buildings or reduce access as we have an obligation to remain open for all tenants and those who need essential access ie tenants working with vulnerable members of the public.
  • We have been taking additional steps to clean the premises.
  • We ask that all tenants follow present government guidelines about distancing and hygiene to minimise the transfer of germs within the building, and isolate any staff showing symptoms..
  • Our staff are in general working independently and within recommendations and will remain on site, some such as accounts may work remotely.
  • In the event that more tenants decide to work from home and the buildings become quieter we will consider additional security to protect the buildings.
  • We will continue to carry out our obligations to provide services.


Be safe above everything else.


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