The Abbey Mill Buildings

Built between 1840 and 1923, our A and B grade listed mill buildings combine a wealth of original details with contemporary office design. Explore our four buildings and find the one that’s right for you.

History and Restoration

Abbey Mill Business Centre is consists of four neighbouring mill buildings in the heart of Paisley. The mills which manufactured thread for the Scottish textile industry provided employment and livelihood for generations of local people, before the last of the working mills closed in 1923.

The beautiful buildings have now been restored to their former glory and returned to productive business use once more. Each building is considerately maintained to preserve its historic character with contemporary office spaces amid the stunning structural design. The stunning architecture commands A and B grade listed status today.
Original details sit comfortably amid contemporary office spaces bustling with business.

Our three-acre site stretches from Anchor One, past the Old Embroidery Mill and Sir James Clark Building, and up to Mile End Mill. The four locations share facilities in common but each have their own characteristics that make them distinctive.
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