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New Tenant – Xena Fitness

We love the energy that Siobhan Glendinning from Xena Fitness Studios brings to Abbey Mill Business Centre.  She is always upbeat, positive and encouraging.  We see a steady number of people coming into Mile End Mill to go up to the Studio on our 2nd floor.

Siobhan was good enough to sit down and answer some of our questions:

What inspired you to set up on your own?

I think most people set up on their own because they notice a gap in their industry. For me, there’s too many people forcing themselves into the gym or an exercise class which they don’t truly enjoy. Because of this and lack of support they give up on their weight loss/strength training journey. Xena Fitness Studios is my vision for longlasting commitment to wellbeing and fitness. By combining exercise that’s addictive, nutritional support and self care/mindfulness I feel like more people would be successful when they pluck up the courage to make a change

What classes and services do you offer at Xena Fitness Studios?

Xena Fitness studios offers small group sessions (pole fitness, yoga and conditioning circuits), personal training and workshops on specific skills. Along with all packages there is various nutrition packs and support available.

For someone who attends a class – do they use the pole all the time?

The only session where the pole is predominantly used is Pole Fitness. In the pole fitness session it caters for beginners so we don’t spent the full hour on the poles. We warm up, do a yoga flow then straight onto a conditioning session to prepare your body for pole. The rest of the session is when I coach each of the 6 participants individually (starting with any new members) on the spins and tricks in pole. In Pole Fitness we don’t throw you into anything scary for first timers like choreography; although this is something I offer seasonal workshops in.

Do people sign up to a membership or do they book in advance for classes?

There is a mixture of options. There are drop in options for those who want to just book where they can, however, you get more bang for your buck with the packages. They work out cheaper per session and include extras (such as a body composition analysis, weigh and measure and nutrition)

When is the Studio open and can people just walk in?

The studio working hours are Mon-Thurs 6am-9:30pm and Sun 8am-7:30pm. All bookings need to be made in advance to ensure you have a space at certain time slots; Although I advise making an initial consultation to meet me and the studio first. I take bookings over the phone and facebook page or you can go ahead and download the MINDbody app to book into sessions too! (download from your app store for free and search Xena Fitness Studios)

Fitness is such a competitive industry, what makes Xena Fitness Studios different?

There are pole studios, there are yoga instructors and there are PT’s. So far I don’t know of anyone else who has tried to combine all three. At Xena I want to offer a balance of results, enjoyment and self care/mindfulness. I’m offering what I would have wanted at the start of my fitness journey.

What advice can you share to get into a routine for fitness?

I would recommend you do something which you will find fun. If you are the type of person who dreads the thought of a certain type of exercise (hands up! For me it’s the dreaded spin bike!) then don’t feel you have to do it. Find a style of exercise you think you might enjoy. Especially because it’s a lifestyle change, it’s so important that it’s something you enjoy for the most part. To keep a new routine going I would journal or use an app to track your commitment to it. No one grows out of the effect of a gold star or a wee pat on the back so if you can use something to track then you will commit to your new routine for longer.

Tell us about your nutritional service and what people can expect from you?

I offer various nutrition options depending on whether you decide to come for group sessions or personal training. With personal training it offers the best support as I include food diary analysis and Caloric/Macronutrient goals. For the group session packages you receive a recipe guide PDF with over 40 recipes (and growing!) including convenient breakfasts, breakfast smoothies, high protein soups, high protein snacks and delicious lunch/dinner ideas as well as an educational PDF on nutrition.

I offer nutrition seminars as a wee occasional freebie to all active package clients.

Do you offer group bookings i.e. hen parties?

Yes! I do. I offer group bookings for Pole Fitness which I tailor to what your groups would like. By january I am set to offer more comprehensive packages for Hen/Birthday groups which will include optional photoshoot as well as your choice of theme (e.g beyonce, rock, 80s etc)

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