Spotlight on The Highland Loch

Darragh Hunter recently relocated to the Old Embroidery Mill, we sat down with him to find out more about his business. Darragh’s business is steadily growing, the maps make excellent gifts, just in time for Christmas!

What inspired you to set-up The Highland Loch?

This originated as a small hobby project over the last couple of years which served as a creative outlet for me. The projects started off slow and small in scale but grew to more ambitious ones over time, by then I was starting to get attention from authors and other enquiries from industries asking for my services.  I decided to make a full time job of it as it is something I really enjoy.

Tell us about your products and services?

My works are mostly re-imaginings of maps from various countries and fantasy landscapes. I sometimes work on a commission basis (when I have the time) to create various pieces for other people. Though that has become less so recently, where I am requiring help from other artist instead with my own projects and ideas.

My products are stemmed by my interests, my work is various and eclectic and there is no specific trend to any of it. I follow my curiosity and see where it takes me. I work with some marvelously talented artists on some of my works and without them I would not be designing to this day.

You’ve moved into Old Embroidery Mill, can people visit your studio?

At the moment, no, unfortunately, I hope to create a safe space for people to view my work and come to me with requests, suggestions or just looking for some help. This is a goal to be achieved at a later date, when I have the equipment and space to do so safely.

Do people buy maps as gifts?

All the time, my works are well received and are sent around the world to cartography and non cartography enthusiasts alike. I’m happy I can make other people excited about my work as much as I enjoy designing them.

Where can people buy your work?

Mostly on my website I do sell on other online shops and in person at select events but I try to sell from my website if at all possible.

Tell us something interesting about yourself?

I am currently working on a special Virtual Reality (VR) project parallel to my current job as it is one of my most time consuming and rewarding hobbies. There is an abundance of potential for this industry and I hope transition full time into it in the coming years and hopefully contribute to it in some meaningful way.

Do you have any promotions coming up

I do not at the moment but I have frequent flash sales around the year, though a sale is right around the corner.

What made you decide to move to Abbey Mill Business Centre?

The office space available to me has fantastic lighting and the ceiling space is high and roomy. There are tall bright windows in my studio, which serve as a perfect environment for my work, where I     need constant natural light to fully realise the colour ranges in my work. Artificial lights makes it hard to work with physical print checking most of the time. It is also a pleasure to work in a building of such historical significance to the town and world as a whole. It also has a Morrison’s nearby.

Contact Information

The Highland Loch

Studio 259, Old Embroidery Mill

Paisley PA1 1TJ

Website: Click here

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