Spotlight on Acorn Carpet Cleaning

We sat down with Laura Hardy of Acorn Carpet Cleaning to find out about their business.

Laura, how long has Acorn Carpet Cleaning been in business? 

We started operating in January 2015.  We are a husband, wife, son and son-in-law family business.

What geographical areas do you cover?

We cover Glasgow and West of Scotland

Do you clean rugs and carpets in flats / tenements as well as houses?

We clean carpets, hard floors, rugs, curtains and upholstery in every type of domestic and commercial premises.

If customers book regularly are there any incentives for them?

Repeat business customers can be offered a reduced price.

How far in advance do customers need to book an appointment?

We will always offer a customer the first available appointment – if we’ve had a cancellation, that could be the same day.  It’s normally a few days in advance.

Your website has lots of useful information, what advice do you give customers regarding maintaining their rugs and carpets?

Hoover regularly, clean up spills immediately and have things professionally cleaned once or twice a year.  Carpets will last much longer if looked after properly.

Does Millie* enjoy coming to work?

Millie loves coming to work every day, she is always sooo excited to get the mail, she sits behind the door and waits for the Postman every morning.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to share her enthusiasm!

*Millie is a very well behaved poodle and we see her every morning at the cafe in Mile End Mill. 

Contact Details

Acorn Carpet Cleaning

Suite 110, Old Embroidery Mill, Abbey Mill Business Centre, Paisley PA1 1TJ

Telephone: 0141 212 0212

Website – Click here

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