Planning Your Office Move

Considerations When Moving Offices

Moving offices can be quite stressful, the planning will take several months with IT and Comms. Generally you should get your lawyer to check leases.  Abbey Mill Business Centre meet organisations each week who are looking for office space to lease.  Each company has different requirements and asks us different questions.  We thought we would pull together some information to help make life easier when relocating your office.

Tips for Moving Office

Check your lease

Office leases are legally binding contracts, you will be tied into a period of time and some leases have clauses where you can only hand in your notice at a certain time each year.  If you miss that time period, the lease carries forward for a period of time.

Location is key

Ensure you are specific about what location will be suitable for your office and which areas geographically to avoid.  When viewing offices ask yourself if staff and visitors can get to the office easily.  What percentage of your workforce travels to work via public transport, what amenities are close-by?

Size and layout of office

Generally a studio / office space is costed per square foot, be realistic about the space that you need.  If you are going to a business centre (like Abbey Mill) you are charged rent per square foot and then a service charge.  The facilities are all there and the rooms can be modified.  For example, if you take an open plan office but then realise you need a few internal meeting rooms, this can be problematic.  At Abbey Mill, we take the time to ask you what you need operationally for your business and then we aim to come up with solutions that work. Consider if you are going to use the main floor kitchen facilities or if you need an area (in your office) for a break-out area that is private. This would mean you need a slightly larger area to accommodate this.

Think about expansion

If you have expansion plans, you may need a larger office / studio in the near future.  At Abbey Mill some of our tenants have started in our smallest Mill (Old Embroidery Mill) and then move into Sir James Clark Buliding when the business grows.  Don’t restrict yourself or your business growth capability.

Car Parking

Is car parking included as part of the new office lease?  If your staff suddenly have to pay for parking, or think about parking elsewhere and then catching a bus etc, this could lead to staff turnover.  You want to make life as easy as possible for staff members.

Include others in the short-list

Speak to colleagues and talk through ideas, people like being asked for their opinion and to be involved in the decision making process.

Dilapidation costs

If you are currently renting, you will no-doubt have dilapidation costs to pay on your current office space.  Any office can have marks on the wall, worn areas on carpet tiles after 12 months, so ask for a quotation from your landlord and then consider getting your own independent quotation, compare them to see if you can save any costs.

Condition of your new office

Ask your new landlord if you are getting any works done in the office area before you move in.  Does it need painted, are there any exposed electrical wires that need tidied up?  For the floor, do the carpet tiles need replaced?  Are there any broken window panes and do the windows open?

These are all things that you want done before you move in, the last thing you need is another bill after you have moved into your new space.

Entry Date

When you have signed your lease and paid your deposit, you may, or may not, get keys straight away.  Ensure the landlord has a current meter reading and you should be asked to sign a schedule of condition.  This is what they refer to when you are leaving to see if the unit requires dilapidations.  Be thorough and do not just sign quickly (like most of us do).  Ask the landlord for any promotion online i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Security and Point of Contact

Ask what time the building opens and closes each day, find out if you can get access on bank holidays and over seasonal holidays.  If you tend to work late and the building closes at 7pm, how do you get out?  These are all things to consider as they can impact on your business.  Depending on your location, you may be in an industrial estate and in the dark nights, is a security guard on-site?

Ask for a point of contact for general things.  In Abbey Mill Business Centre you will have access to our core team which includes; reception, marketing, accounts and maintenance.  We also have a security guard who monitors our buildings each evening.

We hope you have found this useful information, if you are looking for office space in Paisley, Renfrewshire – please make contact and give us the opportunity to show you around our office complex.

abbey mill business centre

A landmark office complex, there are four historic buildings, each with unique character that you can lease.  We are located within Paisley Town Centre and Glasgow International Airport is only a 5 minute drive away.  Our buildings are prominently situated on the banks of White Cart Water in an elevated position and benefit from excellent views.

Each building provides a good working environment;  Atriums, reception areas and meeting rooms ensure a professional impression is given to your visitors.  We also have a Café, Fitness Centre and Private Nursery on-site.

Whether you are looking for a small office, or a large office space, we are confident you will be impressed if you visit Abbey Mill Business Centre.

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